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.Best Prices for Pure African Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and Black Soap!.

Best Prices for Pure African Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and Black Soap!

We are your #1 source for wholesale body butter, lotion and soap making supplies online! Discounted wholesale prices with the best quality worldwide for making skincare products. PLEASE NOTE: These advertised prices are so cheap that we have HUNDREDS of International dealers monthly who still save money buying from us, even after paying expensive ocean freight......

.Lowest Prices For Premium, Imported Shea Butter Online!.

Lowest Prices For Premium, Imported Shea Butter Online!

We have the lowest prices available on the Internet for premium African Shea Butter - starting at $1.24 per pound! Buy direct from the importer and SAVE. We import in high volume passing on the savings to you, the business owner. Our Premium Cosmetic Grade Shea Butter is made for us exclusively in Africa so you know you are buying FRESH....

.Lowest Prices for Premium, Imported Black African Soap Online!.

Lowest Prices for Premium, Imported Black African Soap Online!

The absolute BEST prices online for wholesale black soap backed with our trademark "Price Match" guarantee. Check out these amazing prices for as low as $2.85 per Lb! One step away from being labeled a "drug" by the FDA, this soap is the organic, "All Natural" alternative to doctor prescribed skin treatments....

.We Travel The World To Find The Highest Quality Wholesale Cosmetics.

We Travel The World To Find The Highest Quality Wholesale Cosmetics

At Worldwide Wholesale Warehouse, we have found the secret ingredients that come natural from the Earth used to make our products the best in the industry. We deal with the women's Christian organizations directly so we know our purchase funds go to paying the African women who mass produce these items by hand traditionally....

.Become A Distributor And Make 100% Profit Immediately!.

Become A Distributor And Make 100% Profit Immediately!

Buy these supernatural healing products at our amazing Wholesale prices directly and double your money invested instantly! Dealing in our all-natural, organic retail line is an excellent way to maximize your businesses storefront income potential. Watch them sell and let our helpful product support team handle the rest!...

.Our CEO's Guarantee....

Our CEO's Guarantee...

I want to see your business succeed and have the privilege of being YOUR wholesale supplier to the extreme that I will BEAT your current suppliers price. If you are ever dissatisfied with any of these wholesale or retail products, I will give you a better product or refund your purchase automatically. Thank you for visiting... Henry Behle IV, CEO/Founder- Worldwide Wholesale Warehouse Inc. Direct Line 701-640-7775...

.Supporting Local Events....

Supporting Local Events...

Worldwide Wholesale Warehouse Inc.'s CEO Henry Behle IV and Miss Grand Forks, ND, Kate Wilson calling this years winner of "A Years Supply of Shea Butter", Danielle Riski, Hallock MN. Our celebrity guest, Miss Wilson picked her name from the box at random.  Thanks Kate and best of luck in all your future accomplishments!...

"Discount Wholesale Prices For Cosmetic Manufacturers and the Consumer Alike..."

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company-overview7  Wholesale Shea Butter

Bulk quantities of premium, imported, grade A tested Shea Butter and Black African Soap at wholesale prices for cosmetic manufacturers, massage/spa owners, medical-nursing centers, retailers, skincare clinics, small business owners and soap makers.


We can offer the lowest bulk prices worldwide because we import in high volume. Our technically advanced filtering system used in our labs to remove unwanted sediments from Shea Butter, makes us the only company to offer READY TO MANUFACTURE Shea Butter to our customers without harming the Grade A status of our products.


We are the only company to offer clean, filtered, pure unrefined Shea Butter in econimical USPS Flat Rate boxes that are shipped to your business or residence in 2-3 business days Priority Mail..


We also provide knowledgeable customer service support to business owners with commonly asked questions about Shea Butter, Black African Soap and Cocoa Butter.


Call us today for special quotes on high end orders imported straight from Ghana, West Africa shipped right to your business, internationally.

Worldwide Wholesale Warehouse Inc.

Worldwide Wholesale Warehouse, Inc.

Welcome to our website...we value your business and are out to win you over as our customer.


We encourage you to try our products to achieve this objective.

Once doing so,we feel you will favor our products over the competition in these categories:

1. Quality.

2. Price.

3. Packaging.

4. Customer Support.

5. Availability.

Please feel free to call our office for samples. We also value your feedback and (or) stories to have a feel how we can serve you better.


Please write us back at the Contact Us page. Thank you!

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Actor's Face Exotic Black Soap

We have also developed a high quality, clinically tested line of "Signature" skincare products manufactured straight from the warehouse.


Here, we have dedicated much research to formulating the perfect skin products in combating acne, Eczema, dry chapped skin, Psoriasis, prematurely aged skin and many other skin disorders.


The new "Signature" line is whipped to perfection in our labs for ease of use making your skin feel like brand new velvet.


Our products are the best organic, all-natural, non-prescription alternative to painful skin problems.


At Worldwide Wholesale Warehouse, we have loyal repeat customers from nursing homes, hospitals and even some at home experiencing rare skin from the after effects of chemotherapy cancer treatment.


Here, our most common statement is... "Youth is the Center of Our Eternity". also sell this line wholesale to stores and those who are interested some amazing income potential.

Same Day Shipping on all orders made before 3:00PM CST U.P.S. or 4:00PM CST U.S.P.S.
International orders outside North America please email us on the Contact Us page for a "Shipping Quote".

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Worldwide Wholesale Warehouse, Inc.

Success Stories

'Former 'Back to Africa' Customer...'
"There is a big difference between a vendor, salesman and a dedicated attributed believer in his product that gets up everyday & gets out there & let it b known to the community what his product is all about & how it can benefit all creations. I'm totally convinced that the TEAM at Worldwide Wholesale Warehouse is that POSITIVE company which led me to switch my cosmetic distributor. From the very moment I spoke to Henry, he was hands on, positive & really dedicated not only a salesman but the one who takes the extra step to educate you about his product. I knew deep down inside of me I did FOUND the MAN that doctor... the doctor . I'm not writing you for a Moneymaking Opportunity cause I already been given that opportunity from Henry by sending me a 100 pound of pure raw Shea Butter from my very first call without taking my credit card, unlike his competitors. I want all to experience these great products over the UNITED STATES by doing flea markets,shows & festivals convention centers, farmers markets, etc...or, even doing knocks door to door in my spare time."   Mr. Amadou Lamine Mbaye- Africa's Heritage - Lubbock, TX

Shea Butter Benefits

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